Welcome to The Coventry We Have Lost

This is a site dedicated to older photographic images of Coventry and the photographers who took them. It illustrates the city centre and the suburbs in a way that the modern visitor or even resident might find surprising. Any thriving industrial area will damage its past more than a quiet market town might. As the fastest growing city in Britain for much of the first half of the twentieth century, Coventry suffered more than most (even before the Blitz made its contribution to the destruction).

The Coventry We Have Lost Books

The authors of this site have published a number of books illustrating the changes to the built environment of Coventry's city centre and suburbs. The first two books focussed on the whole of Coventry. Another took the themes of the Godiva Processions and Coventry's Industry. The latest book concentrates on the development of just one suburb. It is to be hoped that this will be the start of a series on Coventry's suburbs. Research has started on the next book dealing with the Foleshill area. Find out more under the 'buy books' tab.

Historic Views of Coventry

This site also provides a selection of historic views from all over Coventry taken from the authors' collections. At the moment most come from the second book they wrote which is no longer in print. Slowly (!) new views from an unpublished 'The Coventry We Have Lost Vol 3' will also be added. See the 'photographs' tab and negotiate the menu for your choice of suburb.


September 2017

Nearing Completion “Forgotten Foleshill” for publication before Christmas 2017.  The story of this largest and […]

November 2015

Full text of Vol 4 Earlsdon & Chapelfields book (minus photos) added to […]

October 2014

Few more Vol 2 photographs added.

June 2014

Copies of Vol 4 Earlsdon and Chapelfields running low still more photos added […]