1. Bulkington Road c1927 (Teesee)

Known to some as Hawkesbury Lane, this is a view looking towards Bulkington just north of the junction with Lenton’s Lane. The pub was demolished soon after this photograph was taken and replaced by one retaining the original name of the Old Crown. The bakers trap was owned by Topp’s Bakery whose premises were near the canal bridge, a few hundred yards further south. Inevitably newer buildings have replaced the countryside flanking the road beside the trap.

2. Alderman’s Green Road c1927 (Teesee)

The distinctive houses on the right still stand, part of a development by the local Co-op store that stood on the opposite side of Co-operative Street, the entrance to which is just beyond the furthest house on the right. To locals this will indicate that the view is a north facing one, close to the heart of the village. Most of the cottages on the left have now been demolished, some in the 1930’s and others as late as the 1970’s. These are very typical of the mainly nineteenth century free-for-all development of roadside housing in the area. Though, in places, the twentieth century developments don’t seem to be any more organised.