1.Courthouse Green c1907 (J.P.)

Though officially Courthouse Green, this scene on Bell Green Road was only a short distance south of Bell Green. The Weavers Arms still occupies the same position on the west side of the road, but has been replaced by a modern building. The cottages on either side of the pub are a good indication of how the pub got its name. However, the weaving industry was already virtually dead in this area and the cottages like the pub have been demolished, leaving us with just the scattered remnants of this early mixed industrial and agricultural community.

2. The Vicarage, Old Church Road c1907 (E.R.)

Nothing could be more removed from the present image of Bell Green than this rural picture of comfortable country living. The vicarage went with St Laurence’s which was the original parish church of Foleshill and remained in use until the 1960’s. A new vicarage was built in its grounds and the old one, presently undergoing renovation, has found a new use as a nursing home. Sadly, though, with its original setting and outbuildings gone it is now a shadow of its former self. Both church and vicarage are to be found in close proximity half way along Church Road, the vicarage near the road and the church set further back.